Current Investments

Given the current investment climate nationwide, and particularly in the Texas Market, Stroud Companies seized the opportunity to diversify our investment portfolio starting in 2010-2011. Seeing the low-interest-rate environment, the low Seniors Housing vacancy, and the drastic drawback in energy pricing as well as the appetite for multifamily units, we reevaluate our investment timeline and portfolio mix three to four times per year. With this approach, our portfolio company mix may change from very narrow to extremely diverse. The current political environment and deregulation has pushed our current thinking of public equities and energy further out on the positive spectrum. Looking forward, we expect at least four to five years of significant national and sector growth. As we combine this mentality with our consumable brand's acquisition and disposition strategy, we expect strong double-digit annual returns and increased annual yields.

Current Investments

Realized Investments

Case Study A

Orchard Park

The Orchard Park transaction was a ground-up development of four Assisted Living and Alzheimer assets in Texas. HUD debt was acquired, which provided exceptionally low debt service. The assets were built on an accelerated timeline, and the full value was realized less than twelve months after the final opening with a sale to a well-known partner with a total equity return of a 4x multiple and 40% IRR to all partners.

Case Study B

Permian Controls

Stroud Companies, using an owned subsidiary, purchased a controlling interest in Permian Controls, an above ground oil and gas services automation company. The transaction was first put under contract while oil was at the lowest level since 1998. The company was given a significant work-over in operations, debt as well as sales and marketing. Within twelve months of closing, Permian had purchased its headquarters complex and secured low cost and long-term debt on the operations. These strategic moves, combined with the oil price rebounding almost 100%, will provide incredible growth opportunities for years to come. Stroud Companies holds two board seats.

Case Study C

Capital Senior Living


Capital Senior Living was a company start-up to initial public offering transaction. Three portfolios of independent, assisted, and memory care properties were acquired over an eighteen month period. The properties were then integrated into a single operating company. The company was then expanded through asset purchases and organic growth from a regional company to a national company. The exit strategy was a NYSE initial public offering with a total equity return of 10x multiple and 45% IRR to the founders.