Stroud Companies is a privately held Holding Company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. While our foundations are based in commercial Real Estate and Senior Housing, the company now invests in a multitude of high growth sectors, focusing on non-operational, controlling roles.

The goal since 1982 has been to provide opportunities for the Company and its partners to achieve an above-market rate of return on a risk adjusted basis.

Since 1982, the Company and its partners have been involved in acquisitions and sales valued in excess of $2 billion. The Company has the ability to effectively structure investments that encompass direct investments, joint ventures, start-up companies, existing companies, and debt.


… is built on a foundation of trust, respect, and relationships.

Our core principles are simple:
Work – There are no free lunches. Everything you want in life takes effort, endurance, dedication and risk.
Vision – We must have a destination in mind from the start of an idea, but coupled with that, we must be able to dream, and dream in big ways.
Human – We have learned to be Human. We do make mistakes and it is how we learn from these mistakes and correct them that truly makes a great company.

We have been very blessed in business and in life. We both truly appreciate this business and the businesses we have started and run.


Led by Jim and Will Stroud, we only hire and retain talented and skillful team members at the Board, Corporate and Field levels. All of our success as a company is based on hiring the right person for the right job, where they feel empowered and inspired to succeed.